Magnolia Breeze Media -
Digital Signage Network
with Text Message Marketing
Discover the true potential of your business by utilizing our Digital Signage Network with Text Massage Marketing service today! The possibilities are endless and the growth can be phenomenal!
Magnolia Breeze Media is based on the belief that the needs of our customers are of the utmost importance. Our team is committed to ensure that your advertising message is crafted to be the best image of your business, to be displayed on our Digital Signage Network combine with our Text Message Marketing service. Ads and Message that translate into new customers, renewed repeat business from existing customers and referrals to friends, family or co-workers.
What is Digital Signage with Text Message Marketing?
Digital Signage refers to the use of modern display panels, digital content and Internet technology to deploy a network of rich-media ads that replace traditional print signs. Digital Signage is a new generation of screen-based media environment created to deliver dynamic advertising and communications at various locations in your home town and beyond.
Text Message Marketing refers to the utilization of  modern day cell phones. Wherever your customers are, they more than likely have their cell phone with them.  Because of the vast number of people who have cell phone access 24/7, text message marketing reaches your audience quickly and at any time!
Our Digital Signage Networks combined with our Text Messaging Service is the next generation of delivering affordable business messages. A Digital Signage Network with Text Message Marketing can be deployed at almost any location, targeting where people gather, shop, entertain and walk by, in locations where your message will deliver the most impact.
Unlike print posters and static billboards, Digital Signage with Text Messaging delivers rich-media content using new generation media and network technology. Traditional media tools take a large amount of time and costly cycle to produce, distribute and update. As our society and technology continue to evolve, Digital Signage Network with Text Message Marketing is becoming the new vehicle of how to deliver business messaging to target audiences in a way that is beyond the reach of currently media tools.